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If you have a non-emergency customer service request, you may reach us in one of three ways:

Phone us at 949-367-1923 extension 14. 

Fax your request to 949-282-0062.

Email us at customerservice@lagunashores.com.

After receipt of a non-emergency customer service request, it is entered on a special service request form in our computer system. If the service request cannot be immediately handled by the customer service department, the request is transmitted on to the appropriate association manager for further instructions or for action by the association manager.

Emergency customer service requests are defined as those that involve an immediate threat to property or personal injury.  Emergency requests should always be phoned in to our 24-hour emergency number, 949-367-1923.  Someone is always on duty to take your call for emergencies.

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Send mail to customerservice@lagunashores.com with questions or comments.

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